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The Silly Pillows

Hilary and Jonathan on Stage!

Hilaryish stuff

Digital camera photos from our land

Like an owner-built home, my part of this page is perpetually half-finished & under construction; disorganized/comfortably lived in; appropriately representative of my life.

As a New Year's 2004 resolution, I started a book blog with the goal of tracking all the books I read this year and consequently reading less but writing more. I'm still going in March. This doesn't mean I'll get to December but it does mean the chances are better. The last time I updated my previous book list was 1996...

My biggest volunteer project is the Susquehanna County Community Information Network, which has effectively become my baby. I administer it and wrote most of the database program, which I intend to re-work at some point and release as open source. I also do stuff for Project Gutenberg (Little House in the Fairy Wood was my contribution), Distributed Proofreaders, DMOZ, etc. In the "real world," among other things I've adopted the road past our house.

I run, albeit very, very slowly. I have committed myself to run the Steamtown Marathon on October 10, 2004. Exciting and scary. Maybe after that I'll tackle NaNoWriMo. Maybe not. I just started a blog about training for the marathon, something I would have been happy to read last year when I started seriously thinking about it. (People who plan on qualifying for Boston are too intimidating to be inspiring to me!)

I work at the Susquehanna County Historical Society & Free Library Association where I'm the alpha geek (supporting 58 computers now!), handle reference and publicity, play Gilderoy Lockhart in our Harry Potter Club, and chip in wherever I'm needed. After 12 years, I still love every moment of it (well, almost every moment...)

My domain Salticid.com is the possible future home of some kind of consulting business, but mostly it's a placeholder for links (like my mother's website) to websites I've done and a site to host our large files. I continue to be very pleased with site5.

I've been a pantheist all my life but didn't know what it was until I stumbled across Paul Harrison's page in 1997. At that time the term was "scientific pantheism," but it's now mutated through consensus to the broader term and what was an informal group is now the World Pantheism Movement.

As part of connecting with nature and enjoying our land, I try to keep lists of the animals & plants I identify. To me this area (the Endless Mountains in northeast PA) is one of the most beautiful places on earth.

Misspellings of our name: over 100 variations. Much rarer to get good ones in the online age, plus we've seen all the common ones.

Music I listen to (updated March, 2004 for the first time in years&years)

Prestige Packing Products.
A spoof of upmarket business-to-business commerce. Content by Hilary, website by the Vinyl Rake.

The Quotable Hilary Caws-Elwitt.

Jonathanish stuff

Humor writing

Manny Tikitz


Graphic design

Art photos

Panda-monium in Mom's Kitchen

The Cartoon Telephone Car

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