Hilary & Jonathan on Stage!

In the summer of '01, we got involved with the Endless Mountains Theatre Company, appearing in A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum and The Odd Couple (Female Version).

photo by Bob DeLuca
Hysterium (Jonathan) poses with the Proteans (Ray Telnock, Hilary, Robin Zurn) in EMTC's July, 2001 production of A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum.

photo by Larry Meegan
Manolo (Jonathan) and Vera (Hilary) were among the supporting characters in The Odd Couple (Female Version), staged by EMTC in August, 2001.

In March, 2002, EMTC premiered Jonathan's one-act farce The Can of Yams, featuring [l. to r.] Hilary, Jonathan, Jennifer Lyn Smith, and Bob DeLuca. The play incorporates two original songs by Jonathan (one co-written by fellow ex-Silly Pillow Charlie Zayleskie), dating from the Silly Pillows days.

Next came Tony n' Tina's Wedding in August '02, where guests interacted with obnoxious DJ Donny Dulce (Jonathan), parsimonious caterer Loretta Black (Hilary) and her sleazy husband Vinnie (John Puzo), and many other memorable characters. The show has returned from time to time in "encore" performances.

photo by Kaitlyn Kurosky

Hilary played Aunt Bicker to Jamie Aldrich's Aunt Quibble in Babes in the Barn,
a children's play that Jonathan co-wrote with Lynette Daniels in 2002.

photo by Bob DeLuca

October, 2003: The Waffle Truth, a full-length farce by Jonathan (from a story outline by Hilary).

Click here to view the complete script of The Waffle Truth. © 2002 Jonathan Caws-Elwitt.
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