Some music I listen to

This is a very-infrequently updated list of some songs which wedge themselves in my psyche so thoroughly that I want to listen to them many times in a row. They're not necessarily new songs, nor is it always the first time I've heard them--they just fit the receptors in my brain at a particular point in time.

From recent to less so:

Whole albums:

History of my musical tastes

When I was in high school, I started listening to all this music that nobody else I knew had heard of. I remember clearly the steps involved:

  1. Brother gives me Zenyatta Mondatta as a birthday present.
  2. I buy an issue of Trouser Press with the Police on the cover.
  3. In it I read a review of the Gang of Four's first EP, and buy it.
  4. I love it! I get a subscription to Trouser Press.
  5. I start listening to NYC's best college station, WNYU.
  6. I hear a song by Robyn Hitchock, "The Cars She Used to Drive."
  7. I buy the album, Groovy Decay.
  8. I move away to college and try to join the radio station ( WHRB).
  9. To get on the station you have to pass a test, which consists of making up a sample playlist.
  10. I put "The Cars She Used to Drive" on my playlist, and the rock director, Geoff Weiss, is impressed because only a handful of people in the US know who Robyn is at that point.
  11. I become a DJ at WHRB and proceed to spend all my money on "new music."
I stopped really collecting music in 1987 when our downstairs "neighbor" stole half our record collection (it was in boxes that he pilfered at random, so big chunks of the alphabet are missing...) It took me a long time to get over that and I've never gone back to being the music fanatic I once was. Simultaneously I started trying to cut way back on our expenditures. Over the past decade I've bought CDs less and less frequently, mainly when I see them used and cheap. My brother Matthew, brilliant songwriting and musician with Nada Surf, gives me stuff I'd never find around here, but my collection is still a lot more mainstream than it used to be.
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