The cobbler's children have no shoes

I use this domain for all kinds of things, but the top level's been a placeholder for a long time. I am adding a few more entries to the solutions-found for my own future reference. If you want to know more about me professionally, please see my portfolio.

Data manipulation

Using awk, sed, grep, and other Unix utilities ported to DOS to manipulate and extract data from large files.

Advanced troubleshooting/technical support

Advice for thorny problems with a variety of hardware and software in the DOS/Windows environment for the individual and small enterprise. Nothing magical, just web searching, persistence, and trial-and-error.

Samples of weirdo problems solved that may help others (all but the first couple are from 2004 or earlier...):

Other tips & tricks I've found helpful:

Top Windows Timesavers for beginning/intermediate users:

Top Windows Things I Wish I Had Known Sooner for advanced users:

Scripts & programs

Number Table Concentration Game (Javascript)

My japh program (Perl)


@foo=split(//,"Patch her elk or rust, Jane");
{%foobar->{$_}=$foo[$j];$j++;}for(sort keys %foobar){$k=$foobar{$_};print$k;}

Program to collect drilling information from the user-unfriendly Pennsylvania eFACTS database (Perl)

Web design for non-profits and for friends

In chronological and therefore skill-level order:


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