Hilary's Steamtown Marathon blog
Sunday, April 25, 2004
Miles for the week: 10 (2/1/2/5)
5 miles LSD: 58:19, average HR 149
Weight: 119
Restiing heart rate: 49
Fitness test: 42

Ran in the rain twice this week: 2 miles Friday (steady drizzle), 5 miles today (varied between nothing & moderately heavy rain). This is good because my one fear about weather on marathon day has been "what if it rains all day?" 5 or 6 years ago it rained for Steamtown and I remember reading how miserable people were. I haven't gotten soaked to the skin or run with wet feet, or through a real downpour, but the moderate rain wasn't bad at all, so I feel more sanguine about running no matter what on Oct 10th. (Chances of really heavy rain must be slight, after all).

What a good run today--felt almost effortless, second-best time ever, but also the lowest average HR ever. And yet I stopped at the peak of the first hill to greet the dogs who live there. I decided that I shouldn't get so time-obsessed that I can't stop for something like that. The joy of seeing a happy dog running toward me (especially the shepherd cross, whose tail looks like a propellor as he slowly gallops over) culminates in actually petting said dog, so I'm adopting "stop and greet the dogs" as my new running motto ("stop and smell the flowers" is already a principle I like, so this is a natural extension). Lots of new spring things to notice: much more green (more grass, the daylilies sprouts are much taller, the birch, weeping willow, honeysuckle, and lilacs have all greened up). the maples are in full bloom (some of the flowers are already dropping, but it's not a red carpet yet like it will be next week probably), a few serviceberries starting to bloom white, sprouting horsetails (at 4-6 inches tall, they look like the taiga seen from a plane), and fiddlehead ferns. Maybe I'll pick some for dinner tonight! What I thought were violet leaves a few weeks ago are now much larger and coarser--I think it's a woodland plant that has small white flowers, but I can't remember its name. Lovely spring rain smell, especially mixing with woodsmoke. Factors that made it an easy run, I think: lots of sleep last night, and also the night before; I didn't run first thing, so I was more warmed up and also had had coffee (caffeine certainly helps!); I've been hauling manure all week which is building up my endurance; the rain prevented me from getting overheated.

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